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Current Sensor

《IST8110 AMR Current Sensor》

iSentek IST8110 is a digital DC/ AC(RMS) current sensor with 7.0x7.0x1.0mm3, 8-pin LGA package. It is an integrated chip with a pair of AMR sensors, and digital control logics. IST8110 provides an I2C digital output with fast mode up to 400kHz. The anti-ferromagnetic interference, ultra-low hysteresis, low power dissipation, low temperature drift and low noise performance feathers make it a perfect candidate for high precision current monitor.

•7.0x7.0x1.0mm3, 8-pin LGA package
•I2C slave, Fast Mode up to 400kHz
•16 bits data output
•Dynamic range of ± 10 A
•High sensitivity of 2 mA/LSB
•Output data rate of maximum 200 Hz
•Anti-ferromagnetic interference

•Electrical grid monitor
•Electrical motor controls
•Power monitor
•Power inverters
•Solar (micro-) inverter
•Current measurement for safety switch control
•Battery management


《AMR Current Sensor Module》

ICSM1000 AMR current sensor module provides high dynamic electronic measurements for DC, AC and pulsed currents with integrated galvanic isolation. This current sensor module applies the An-isotropic magneto-resistive effect (AMR) which provides high frequency response (up to 500 kHz), anti-mechanical stress and non-hysteresis.

Module (5cm x 7cm)
The current sensor module includes a high-precision AMR sensor chip and optional pins for setting. The primary current is through the current rail in PCB and under the AMR sensor chip. The output analogue signal is an offset calibrated and pre-scaled voltage which is proportional to the primary current measured. Additionally, a fast over-current alarm output allows immediate reaction to overload events independent of controller and software.

•High bandwidth current measurement: DC to 500 kHz
•Anti-mechanical stress
•Excellent accuracy: < 2% (-40~125°C )
•Galvanic isolation between primary and measurement circuit
•Measuring range up to threefold nominal current
•Fast overcurrent detection with tunable threshold

There are three models in this series: ICSM1015, ICSM1030, and ICSM1050 whose primary current measurement range is ±15A、±30A、and ±50A, respectively.



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