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愛盛科技董事長賴孟煌於6月27日於美國加州San Jose之Sensor Expo & Conference 2018主題演講


愛盛科技董事長賴孟煌於6月27日於美國加州San Jose之Sensor Expo & Conference 2018主題演講

時間 : Wednesday, June 27 • 2:45pm- 3:15pm

地點:McEnery Convention Center, 150 W. San Carlos Street, San Jose, CA 95113

主題:Magnetic Sensing for the Coming Smart World
iSentek is a Taiwan company who focuses on advanced magnetic-based sensing technology. iSentek dedicates on designing and developing high performance sensors and modules for applications including navigation, AR/VR, electric vehicle, industrial angle and position control, parking management, traffic monitoring, and smart power grid. By expanding the scope from individual to industry and smart city, iSentek can be a great aid on the road of taking the level of “smart” to a new height.

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