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Isentek Inc., headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in magnetic sensing-related products. Since 2011, Isentek’s magnetic sensing solutions have been widely adopted by world-class customers from the consumer, industrial, and automotive fields. They provide orientation and motion detection functions in products like smartphones, drones, AR/VR helmet/glove, robots, smart parking, gimbal, and so on. In automotive application, it enables precise leakage current sensing for human safety purposes.

With in-house sensing and ASIC technology capability, coupled with leading supply chain partners, both high quality integration product and flexible problem-solving service are its advantages. Isentek’s sensing design covers Hall-effect and magneto-resistive technologies and various physical structures. While ASIC competence ranges from high-speed digital interface to low noise analog circuits and interfaces. Isentek is ISO9001 certificated and all supply chain partners are top-tier foundry, package, and testing companies in Taiwan and China.

The company enables many customers to solve magnetic sensing problems and upgrade their products to another level. To support the drone’s remote flying ability under a magnetic disruption environment, Isentek works with the customer to develop dual-magnetometer architecture. For pop-up camera phone applications, Isentek provides a high-frequency sensing mode to support the precise up-down motion. The company also provides various operation modes and algorithms to make smart locks really smart. Above are just some of the examples Isentek achieved to complement its clients


Company Mission: To develop advanced sensing solutions for future technology

Company Vision:   Sensing the world for a smarter lifestyle