3D Magnetic Sensors



1.28x0.88x0.53mm3 WLCSP.  
3-axis vertical hall sensor,  I²C interface. 
Dynamic Range: ±40.96mT.  
Resolution: 2.5uT/LSB 
ODR: 500Hz.  8~16-bit adjustable output.
360ºabsolute output, calculated on the chip.
Programmable switch function.



iSentek IST8309 is a 3D digital linear hall sensor to measure magnetic flux intensity. It is an integrated chip with magnetic sensors and control ASIC with 16-bit ADC output. IST8309 provides an I 2C digital output with fast mode plus up to 1 MHz. Wide dynamic range operation, high resolution and compact form factor features make it the best candidate for smartphone, wearable and IoT devices.


Single chip 3-axis linear hall sensor with digital output
3-axis programmable magnetic switch function
INTB pin for event notification (Magnetic switch, DRDY, Overflow)
Compact form factor, 1.29 x 0.99 x 0.53 mm3 , 5-pin WLCSP-BGA package 
I2C bus supports fast mode plus up to 1MHz
Two slave addresses
High dynamic range of maximum ±81.92 mT
High resolution of maximum 0.3125 uT/LSB (16-bit setting with 10.24 mT dynamic range)
Absolute 360 degree angle output
High output data rate of maximum 500 Hz
8~16-bit adjustable data output / Operation Temperature -40~85oC/ Built-in oscillator for internal clock source/ Power-on Reset circuit

Block Diagram


Magnetometer for external magnet detection

Displacement detection

Foldable device angle detection

Angle sensor application